Birmingham City Skyline

Here's a few snaps from the 31st floor of Cleveland Tower on Holloway Head.

Beetham Tower from Cleveland Tower, Holloway Head, Birmingham
Looking east, directly across Holloway Head at Beetham Tower, with New Street station and the Rotunda behind.
Looking north from Cleveland Tower, Holloway Head, Birmingham at the BT Tower and Jewellery Quarter
Looking north with the BT Tower and the Jewellery Quarter in the distance.
Looking north-west from Cleveland Tower, Holloway Head, Birmingham, over the Mailbox and Centenary Square
Looking north-west over the Mailbox and Centenary Square.

Cleveland Tower Residents Meeting

Cleveland Tower, Holloway HeadThis evening I was invited to speak at the Cleveland Tower Residents Meeting. Cleveland Tower is one of a pair of giant 32-storey residential tower blocks on Holloway Head, owned by Optima.

About 20 residents came along to discuss issues largely related to Optima. The atmosphere was quite emotional due to an issue with a popular concierge.

I spoke about the massive response I'd had to my recent residents survey, with issues largely related to anti-social behaviour, both in the block and the surrounding areas. I invited the residents to come and discuss their concerns with me and Cllr Ayoub Khan, Cabinet Member for Local Services and Community Safety. I'm pleased to say a large number agreed to come along so I look forward to making progress on those issues. I also took away some specific issues with nearby buildings and parking.

I had planned on staying for 20 minutes but in the end I was there for an hour. It was a pleasure to meet some really friendly people!


Burnt Out Car on Attwood Green

Burnt out car on Rickman Drive
For part of today's mammoth FOCUS delivery day, we were in Attwood Green - always a great place to be when the sun is shining.

It was a shame then to discover this burnt out car on Rickman Drive, right outside the Etap hotel. Within a few seconds the local police arrived after being alerted by a hotel employee. From chatting to them it seems the car wasn't stolen, so it's likely to either belong to a local resident or someone staying at the hotel, or abandoned. As it was parked on double yellow lines, I suspect the latter.

Crime on Attwood Green has fallen by 9% over the last 12 months, but there are still issues with antisocial behaviour as there are across the ward.

If anyone has any information, please contact West Midlands Police on 0845 113 5000.


Park Central In The Sunshine

As luck would have it my planned walkabout on Attwood Green and Park Central coincided with a gorgeous sunny day!

A sunny Park Central

The tranquil day was spoilt by a young lad riding a motorbike around the park to impress the girls. He had "L" plates but no helmet. He was soon told to clear off by the efficient park ranger who noted his plate - good job!