Reclaim the Night in Ladywood

Reclaim The Night

Birmingham Feminists are holding their first Reclaim The Night march on Saturday 17th October 2009 on the streets of Ladywood.

From their website:

"The march will take us from the top of the city to an area that we feel needs to be ‘reclaimed’ from its reputation as a ‘no go’ area for the women of Birmingham. This event will unite women across the Midlands with women from out of area, to march and take a stand against violence against women, and particularly against the myth that a victim of sexual violence is somehow responsible for their victimisation if they walked home alone at night, or wore revealing clothing, or talked to a man at a bar."

"This is a women only march. We define this as any person who self-defines as a woman. We do feel that men are an extremely important part of the movement. However, there is a symbolism to a women only march for Reclaim The Night that separates it from marches for other causes. This is a HUMAN problem, but it is the collective voice of WOMEN that needs to be heard."

"The march will be followed by a rally with speakers from the Anawim Project, the Women of Allen’s Croft and Sandwell Rape Crisis among others. This rally is free to enter and is a gender mixed event. We will then be holding a fund-raising after party in the city centre with proximity to travel options (also mixed)."


Burnt Out Car on Attwood Green

Burnt out car on Rickman Drive
For part of today's mammoth FOCUS delivery day, we were in Attwood Green - always a great place to be when the sun is shining.

It was a shame then to discover this burnt out car on Rickman Drive, right outside the Etap hotel. Within a few seconds the local police arrived after being alerted by a hotel employee. From chatting to them it seems the car wasn't stolen, so it's likely to either belong to a local resident or someone staying at the hotel, or abandoned. As it was parked on double yellow lines, I suspect the latter.

Crime on Attwood Green has fallen by 9% over the last 12 months, but there are still issues with antisocial behaviour as there are across the ward.

If anyone has any information, please contact West Midlands Police on 0845 113 5000.