Swine Flu Vaccine Protestors Hit Birmingham

City Hospital, used by many Ladywood residents, has been the target of an anti-vaccine campaign by those claiming the Swine Flu drug is unsafe.

Today's Birmingham Post reports that The People's United Community "roamed corridors in the evening, putting up posters and handing out leaflets to patients and relatives with the slogan: “Swine flu is not the biggest danger. It’s the vaccine.""

Swine flu is on the rise again in the West Midlands and the number of deaths believed to have been caused by the illness is now 15.

According to their website, TPUC believes... "the truth knows no boundaries, and so we seek only to show people actual, factual information about the world around them."

Quite how that fits in with putting posters up in hospitals frightening people off having a vaccine that could prevent them becoming ill is quite beyond me.