Spring Hill Library

Spring Hill Library - Barack Obama - Black History Month Spring Hill Library

Earlier this week I attended a meeting for the Cardinal Newman Heritage Project at Spring Hill Library, one of the stakeholders. Although I have passed it many times, I had never been inside.

Just a few minutes walk from the Jewellery Quarter, Central Ladywood and Summerfield, the impressive building housing Spring Hill Library is well worth a visit. Inside you'll currently find a series of displays celebrating Black History Month, such as one on Barack Obama (pictured). The library also offers books in Urdu, Punjabi, Hindi, Gujerati and Bengali as well as free internet access. You can book a free one-hour internet taster session.

Although early on a Monday morning, it was good to see the library busy. Spring Hill Library is a great resource for the people of Ladywood and Hockley and long may it continue!

I will be running an exhibition on the Cardinal Newman Heritage Project at Spring Hill Library on the afternoon of Thursday 28th October, so please do stop by to find out more about the project and to take a look around the library.

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  1. nice article David, it is a very valuable community resource

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