Car Clamping in Birmingham

The battle against rogue car clampers in Birmingham took a step forward last week.

Four men were arrested following a fraud investigation into Car Clamping Securities (CCS) by the city's Trading Standards and West Midlands Police.

Trading standards had received over 56 complaints from residents, mainly that their cars had been towed away despite them paying to park. A tow truck owned by the firm was also seized in the operation, from Eyre Street in Ladywood.

Earlier this year the Liberal Democrats called for an end to clamping on private land and launched the website Ban Rogue Clampers.

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  1. on saturday night i parked my car in a car park off broad st…..when ireturned it had been removed by this so called company…
    when i tried to pay for the car park the machines were taped up….how could i pay?
    i had to pay £315 for it to be released from eyre st…..
    when i said the machines were broken ad taped up the man said they wernt when we removed your car!!
    this is a blatent scam!!!
    also i took a photo of the tow charge at £180….they sad my car had also been clamped thats why it was £315….no clamp was on my car and why would you clamp and remove a car??

    any help much appreciated

  2. My car was clamped on 19/08/2010 during working hours. I had validly paid for 4 hours in a car park at the back of broad street, and had returned to move my car at 1.30pm. When i arrived to move my car, it was clamped with a notice attached to pay £135 to get the clamped released. They claim that the ticket was not displayed on the dashboard and accused me of lieing, but when i arrived to my car at 1.30 the ticket was on the car seat. It was facing up so it could still be seen. If i could visibally see the ticket on the passenger car seat, i dont understand how they failed to miss it!!!! Dispite my car being parked and paid for validly, they still applied the clamp.
    After 3 hours of arguing with them in the car park i left to go back to work as i was already late from my lunch break. I made an agreement with them that i would arrive at 6.30pm (once i had finished work) to get the matter resolved as i had no way of paying at that time. They assured me that my car would not get towed away so long as i arrived at 6.30 to get the matter resolved. Regardless of this agreement, they towed my car away and i had to pay more to get my car released from 7 Eyre Street in Ladywood. I was lied to on several occasions and the whole matter has been injust and dishonest from the outset as my car should not have been clamped in the first place.

    A comment by the person that clamped my car: “The clamping ban will come into effect later next year, so my job is to hunt cars down and clamp as many as possible before then” – Name: Marcus – 07830668008

  3. report it to trading standards this is fraud

  4. oh shut up and leave them alone, if you are thick enough to park on there when the machine is out of order then you will get clamped! They would have been a clamp on your car and they would have been removed when they towed the car. They clamp then remove the car if the owner is taking a long peroid of time to return to their car. or if they think the clamp is at risk of been cutting off. At the end of the day, there is a sign stating prices and warning you, people need to make a living, its not their fault they can’t do anything else other than clamping.

    Has the goverment thought the clamping ban through? These clampers will be left with no job, resulting in more people on state benefits. Instead of banning clamping there should be much stricter rules. You don’t see people moaning at traffic wardens, yes they don’t always charge as much but its the same in a lot of ways, people are parking where they should not or not buying tickets etc etc.

  5. Elle Jones, Are you a clamper or a non driver because you surely have no brains of a driver or normal human being, you should join the clamper army and should be shot with them.

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