Ladywood Circus Improvements

Approaching Ladywood Circus from Icknield Port Road

Ladywood Circus signBirmingham City Council is consulting on proposed improvements to the Ladywood Circus junction.

The A4540 ring-road roundabout is at the very heart of Ladywood and feeds on to both Monument Road and Icknield Port Road. It's a tight roundabout for the amount of traffic so I fully support these improvements, designed to increase safety and ease traffic flow.

The changes include a central lane for ongoing northbound traffic, with signals for those using the junction.

I'm keen to see significant changes to pedestrian and cycle crossings to improve safety for those on foot or bike. Ladywood Middleway cuts right through the middle of Ladywood so safe, well-lit crossings are a must.

You can view the proposals on the City Council website here.

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  1. Wouldn’t it be better to spend more money getting people out of cars?

  2. The point is Joe, it’s a dangerous junction which needs improving, for the safety of all. This investment is just as much for pedestrians and cyclists as it is for road users. There’s a school and church on one side of the roundabout, but many of the users come from the other side. I’d suggest spending time watching the junction (as I did just this morning) before claiming that money should be spent elsewhere.

  3. The existing junction flows well outside rush hours. It is difficult to argue a case for transport infrastructure to be perfect at rush hour, which is why it is standing room on buses and trains then.
    It would be nice to win traffic away from this road, the possible / likely reduction in vehicular traffic not being something that is being converted into freezing expansion of road capacity. On foot, this junction is quite close to Hagley Road and employment there; it is also an intimidating barrier between St Vincent street and the next development area on the Icknield Port loop of the canal.
    If the junction is changed (cost of probably a million), will it generate traffic that will knock over the next junctions ?
    Money is short and maybe is not best spent on this ?

  4. When I viewed the plans I couldn’t help but notice that in terms of pedestrians, the crossings are almost identical; crossing over Ladywood Middleway. The road I witness most problems at is where Monument Road meets the roundabout. Many pedestrians cross here heading towards Five Ways and Tesco, rather than have to cross and walk through the council estate – especially when it’s dark. Looking at the plans, there is still no means of crossing Monument Road safely unless one was to walk all the way up towards Reservoir Road, which, needless to say, no-one actually does!! If the improvements are to benefit pedestrians as well as road users, then I should think this is something to be addressed – I would have raised my thoughts at one of the drop in sessions, but strangely they weren’t advertised until at least a month after they had taken place!

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