Birmingham Tory Questions Climate Change

Just days ahead of Copenhagen, the Conservative PPC for Birmingham Ladywood has questioned the science behind the man-made climate change argument.

As the City Council was passing the "Birmingham Declaration on Climate Change", Cllr Colin Hughes went on a libertarian rant accusing his Council colleagues of using climate change as an excuse to boss people around.

Whilst I agree complex government "just for the sake of it" is unnecessary, solving issues such as climate change requires cross-party support and strong leadership at all levels of Government. This is exactly what Birmingham has done - something which should be celebrated, not belittled.

According to Adrian Goldberg's Stirrer website, Hughes said:

“Climate change devotees still rely on these models, despite the fact that we know these models to be wrong, for end-of-the-world predictions to justify their proposed actions.

“What this means is that we should be very careful before spending huge amounts of the public’s money on schemes that may not be necessary.

“The research needs to go on because there is huge gaps in our knowledge and understanding but while the science is lacking there are authoritarians on all sides of this chamber who can’t help but to use this issue to boss people around and to tell others how to run their lives.

“They’ve jumped on this bandwagon and use it to excuse any and all government interference into private lives. We are elected by the people of Birmingham and we owe them better leadership than that.”

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  1. Clearly you believe one should not be careful before blowing vast amounts of other people’s money & are outraged at anybody being so responsible.

    You know perfectly well that catastrophic warming is a total lie designed to assist in giving government more control over us. that is why you support it.

  2. Just because Colin Hughes has a degree in Applied Mathematics and has spent a further two years as a postgrad studying computer modelling of fluid dynamic problems doesn’t give him the right to object.

    The science may indeed be wrong, but that’s no longer the issue. The important thing is to enable strong leadership at all levels of Government. If a few windows have to be broken in the pursuit of this aim, so be it. We must gather together to greet the storm and crush these deniers. Tomorow will belong to us!

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