Ed Miliband Interviewed by Ladywood Kids

Climate Change minister Ed Miliband was in Ladywood recently to visit the Summerfield Eco-Village project. Local news project TNT News were on hand to interview him. Click here to view the video.

What's interesting for me is how uncomfortable he seems when being questioned by the children (should he look at the camera or the kids!?) but also the following comments on the TNT website:

It was interesting for us to see the minister’s public relations team. I think there were at least four of them and they all seemed scared stiff at the thought of us interviewing him, perhaps incase we asked awkward questions! They wanted us to go into a separate room and wait for him to finish his tour before allowing us to interview him.

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  1. Yes, I saw him on a More4 program a couple of weeks back about how modern ICT can change the way we do government. He did not come over well in that either. Stopping mid-sentence to consider whether he had just gone “off message”.

    Now I would have though that in a professionally made TV program, unless they were trying to trip him up, they would have let him prepare his answers, or at least rehearse them and allow another take.

    I suppose he can’t help the slightly slow and sonorous way he speaks, but it seems to me to make him not a very good communicator.

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