Ladywood Ward Result

I'd like to say a huge thank you to the 2,338 people who voted for me in the Council elections last week. The final result was:

NIKEL (Lib Dem) - 2,338
PENANT (Con) - 1,684
RICE (Lab) - 3,504
ROBERTSON (Grn) - 378

My congratulations to Carl Rice on being re-elected and my congratulations to the other defeated candidates on running generally positive campaigns. The campaign from Labour was certainly more positive than in other parts of the city, such as the gutter politics from Roger Godsiff in Birmingham Hall Green.

We achieved nearly 30% of the vote, an incredible increase from the 13% achieved at the last local elections in 2008. This just goes to show that despite Labour's constant bleating, residents are simply not outraged by the Liberal Democrat / Conservative coalition we have running the city.

The number of emails, phone calls and letters of support I received during the campaign was simply overwhelming. Thank you for all of those - and thank you to everyone who helped during the campaign. The numbers volunteering throughout the campaign was really encouraging for all of us involved.

We will continue to work for and campaign on behalf of the residents of Ladywood over the next year.

I'll also make a real effort to keep this blog going, too!

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  1. David

    Thank you for your congratulations and comments about the Labour campaign. As I said when the result was declared. I will do my very best to represent all the people of Ladywood, whoever they voted for. I wish you well in the future – but not as a Liberal candidate in Ladywood!


    Carl Rice

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