New Council Homes for Ladywood

Ladywood looks set to benefit from a share of 101 new local authority homes as part of a £5.4m Local Authority New Build (LANB) grant. New affordable homes are desperately needed in the city so I welcome this news.

I urge the Council to ensure these homes are insulated to a high standard, to keep living costs down. According to the press release, the homes will be built to "high energy efficiency standards meeting Level four of the Code for Sustainable Homes", which sounds positive.

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  1. Apparently, many of the residents of the Ladywood area are being told that their homes which they have been paying for over a long period of time now, including mortgages, are about to be knocked down. It is all too well that the area needs some work but how can it be that people are going to be losing their homes for the benefit of ‘new businesses?’ In about 2 years time, they have been told that building work will begin and as well as the immigrant population that now needs housing, there will be people who worked so hard all their lives for this country now being made homeless. People have mortgages.. What about those? Their home is their pride and joy! Some people have invested in their homes, adding new bathrooms, kitchens and redecorated too.. What will happen to them? Are they to just leave because the new redevelopment plans don’t include them? I would actually like to know, speaking on their behalf.

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