More Violence in Brum – Ban EDL Protests Now

For the third time in three months violence erupted in Birmingham City Centre as a result of the English Defence League protests. The demonstrations, supposedly against "islamic fundamentalism" have instigated counter-demonstrations from Unite Against Fascism. On each occasion the "protests" have attracted both Islamophobes and young Asian lads, with both groups seemingly intent on causing trouble under the banner of free speech.

Yesterday members of the EDL were bussed in from around the country. As I blogged about here and here, leading Liberal Democrats and other leading city figures had called for the protest to be banned. It's now time for Mike Whitby to take a look at what went on in our city and ban these thugs.

West Midlands Police seem to be proclaiming yesterday as a success as violence was "limited" to certain pockets across the city centre away from the main shopping area.

That is outrageous.

The fact violence erupted at several locations in the city including Digbeth and New Street is not a good sign. It shows this went beyond any organised protest. Look at some of the photographs in the media such as the Daily Mail, which shows EDL supporters waving Israeli flags and a sign proclaiming "NO MORE MOSQUES". Rather makes a mockery of EDL's claim that they are a non-racist organisation.

The media coverage has brought shame to the city again and if we are not careful, we will get a reputation for tolerating racism. Momentum is a very dangerous thing - and right now Birmingham has it.

We need a ban on any further EDL protests - and we need it NOW.

UPDATE: You can now sign a petition calling on West Midlands Police and Birmingham City Council to ban future extremist "protests" in the city centre. Enough is enough.

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  1. Your’e not a great believer in free speech then?

  2. Could not agree more. Birmingham has a reputation for being a diverse and tolerant city. These thugs are obviously here to stir up racial hatred and cause tensions between communities. The council needs to grasp what is happening and do whatever they can to stop future ‘demonstrations’. If they can obtained an exclusion zone around the bullring perhaps thy should look at using this law for the rest of the city centre. They will be back otherwise

  3. Islam is a faith of tolerance, confronting few dozen fascists who wouldn’t have gotten much attention if it had been ignored, I blame our Muslims brothers for flaring it up, all media clips being shown over TV or Internet clearly indicate our lads throwing missile objects, kicking protestors in the head trying to prove that we muslims are EXTREMISTS which we are not, the BNP and other fascists parties should thank our ASIAN MUSLIM LADS for their efforts to BNP’s noble fascist cause.

  4. As I’ve got a brain, I’m going to join the EDl just as soon as i can find out how to .Anyone who oppsoses Islam in the Uk should be suppoerted. Anyone who feels Islam is the religion for them should go to Afganistan -0 where hopefully 42 Commando RM will get them.

  5. I left Brum because of the way, the city is/has been taken over by arrogant Asian youth’s who pull the race card the minute they are up against been caught out.. selling drug’s, assaulting white people on their home, making no go area’s for people that have lived their for years.. I’ve witnessed an old soldier been bullied by these said youth’s outside the community transport in/near Sparbrook; when he wouldn’t move his car.. I’ve witnessed these youth’s force another person to hand over a prescription outside a local chemist in Newtown, even though he said,”I need this medcine for my baby” they answered… “Give us the f***ing script not yer life story!”

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