The Entrepreneurial Smell of Coffee

In these tough times it's really encouraging to see entrepreneurs still prepared to give it a go.

The first Urban Coffee outlet opens soon on Church Street in Birmingham's financial district. The owners have started a blog to track their progress, which should make for a fascinating read.

They describe themselves thus:

"We have no experience in retail or coffee and it's the worst economic conditions since the War!!!"

Good luck folks!

I've got a few tips for the Urban Coffee posse - if they've not done so already I suggest they check out the fantastic Saint Caffe on St. Paul's Square as a great example of how to "do" the coffee shop concept. Also, a coffee shop in that area that opens later in the evening would be greatly appreciated!

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  1. Thanks David, I agree Saint Caffe is a great place and we will try to be as good if not better. We will start of by opening until 6pm but with plans to open later after a few months. Come down for a coffee on our opening day 10th August.


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