License Application: 89-91 Livery Street

Last week I wrote to all residents local to 89-91 Livery Street to inform them of a license application. The license would be for late night music, dancing and alcohol sales, so effectively it's an application for a nightclub. Opening hours could potentially be until 2am during the week, with Friday and Saturday extended to 4am.

The premises are next to the recently opened Hatters Youth Hostel and very close to large residential blocks. In fact the top floor of the premises overlooks the courtyard of one block!

Despite the presence of Subway City further down the road, this is a quiet residential area and I have no doubt that a nightclub would cause extreme disturbance to local residents, not to mention those staying in the hostel. With the saga that was TRMNL only a recent memory, it's important that the right decision is made early with this application.

I already know of five residents who have written to oppose the application. You can add your views by emailing Birmingham City Council at licensing@birmingham.gov.uk quoting reference 61547. You have until 2nd July.

89-91 Livery Street
89-91 Livery Street

Looking up Livery Street
Looking up Livery Street

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  1. I only knew about this from a letter you sent through my door. I did think it was rather presumptious that you assumed everybody would be pleased that the application was rejected and I have decidedly mixed feelings about it.
    On one hand it is a little close for comfort and we are given little information about the type of venue.
    I shall have to investigate this lack of clarity.
    On the other it might have been beneficial in forcing out the Hostel which has always looked shabby. Objection can always be raised after it perfomed that function.
    If the music were good and the building was to be renovated somewhat then I can’t see what further ahrm could be created on top of the Jamhouse and Actress & Bishop which already cause a fair disturbance.

  2. If you live on Livery Street close to this venue, you can not possibly have “decidedly mixed feelings” about a proposal to open a nightclub on your doorstep. It is very important for the local residents that this proposal remains rejected.

    The Hatters Hostel is good and not shabby. It has put back into use and has refurbished to a decent standard an otherwise unuseable building, providing another type of accommodation to increase visitors to the area. Long may it be successful. A similar use can be found for 89-91 without making it an early hours venue and anti-social neighbour.

    The structure of the mansard roof in 89-91 is very different to that at the Jamhouse. There is no sound insulation in this building at all. It is wholly unsuitable for a music venue.

    Mind, even if this had consent this would probably have been Fiddle and Bone no 2. A great venue, killed by someone with an over-enthusiastic hand on the volume control, driving away the punters and driving the neighbours insane.

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