Planning Application – Eastside Park

Birmingham's brand new city centre park is a step closer to reality as an outline planning application has now been submitted.

The planned park is an unusual long, narrow shape snaking its way through the Eastside area. Beginning by Moor Street Station off Park Street, the park will wrap around the front of the new BCU campus building up to Thinktank's Science Garden in front of Millennium Point. The park then runs alongside most of the length of Curzon Street.

Commuters and travellers arriving in to Birmingham New Street from Birmingham Airport and London will get a full view of the park. For too long this major route in to the city has given visitors a negative impression of the city. It also gives the increasing number of city centre residents a space to enjoy, along with families wanting a break from shopping trips in the city.

You have the chance to comment on the proposals up to 18th February using the Council's Planning Online tool.

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  1. I’m really looking forward to the Eastside phase of the Big City Plan coming to fruition, I’m a planning student at BCU and often wonder on my walk back from work in Digbeth how the area might take shape as more major developments extends in to this part of the City. The city park a side I for one hope that eventually the Eastside project will deliver an appropriate homage to its industrial heritage whilst becoming a thriving area in its own right.

  2. Does anyone know if the council is planning a re-design of the Eastside proposals to include the proposed high speed line viaduct and station? To me the benefits of the high speed line at that location outweigh the park but some combination of the two may be possible. (although some canopy over the line would be favourable because parks and high voltage overhead electric lines don’t mix).

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