Roger Harmer Selected for Birmingham Edgbaston

David Nikel and Cllr Roger Harmer

The Selly Oak and Edgbaston Liberal Democrats have selected Birmingham Councillor Roger Harmer to fight the Parliamentary seat of Birmingham Edgbaston at the next General Election.

Roger represents Acocks Green ward and has been a Councillor for 14 years.

Birmingham Edgbaston is made up of four wards, Edgbaston, Quinton, Bartley Green and Harborne, covering much of the south-west of the city stretching from the fringes of the city centre right out to the Worcestershire border. It shares a large border with the Ladywood constituency around the Rotton Park, Hagley Road, Five Ways and Attwood Green areas.

Gisela Stewart is the current Labour MP but all the pundits have Edgbaston down as a certain Conservative gain. Having said that, the last two general elections have seen the Liberal Democrat share of the vote go up, so there is progress that can be made.

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  1. Roger is a great choice for PPC. He’s a great environmental campaigner and has done a great job for the people of Acocks Green.

  2. 14 years? I thought he left the council in 2001 and rejoined in 2008? Was he a councillor somewhere else in between?

  3. Fred – you are correct, I have 7 years service having been off the Council between 2001 and 2008. And thank you for those kind words Gareth :)

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