UKIP take Labour seat in the West Midlands

Another long night – thanks to Dudley! 29 out of 30 Council areas had declared before 11pm, but for whatever reason Dudley succumbed to delays and the results weren’t through until after 1pm. All that hanging around gave me the chance to catch up with lots of people, including several Greens that I know and a friend who was on the list for NO2EU!

Earlier in the night I’d been keeping watch on the count in Ladywood constituency. There was limited information to gain from this count but in Ladywood ward it was encouraging to see our vote increase and the Labour and Conservative votes drop.

As for the results, UKIP picked up a Labour seat, which I’d say was largely as expected. The BNP did not perform as well as I had feared, so congratulations must go to all the main parties opposing them and also to the Greens who (in Birmingham at least) fought a good campaign against the BNP.

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