Labour hold Lozells & East Handsworth

Experiencing a by-election in a ward as culturally diverse as Lozells & East Handsworth was a real eye-opener. Some of the stories that were coming back to the committee room were interesting to say the least, but having spent most of the day there, I have no idea what was actually going on on the streets. Having been relatively quiet during the campaign, Labour ran a full polling day operation and obviously did very well getting their vote out.

On the plus side Sabirul was an excellent candidate, went down well on the doorstep and we increased our vote in real terms.

We welcomed our Director of Campaigns Hilary Stephenson to our committee room and I’m pleased to say she pretty much left us to it, and went out door knocking!

The Final result was:
Lab 3,018
Lib Dem 2,000
Con 1,622
Green 209
UKIP 208
Turnout 38%

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